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Terms & Conditions

We are excited to have Incredible Vendors like you partner with us in this Festival. Here are a few things we would require from you:

  • Have a physical office or shop
  • Cashless transactions are preferred at the Festival
  • Open to being charged 10% of all sales carried out during the Festival period.
  • Please download and/or signup to our partners Products ( Pera Wallet)
  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 other individuals to the festival. (3 people in total)

    Note: BRANDS will be charged 25% of sales
    We will have an onboarding process before the Festival. Please have your WhatsApp number active.
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I need electricity
Full Address of Office/Shop
Do you agree to our Terms and Conditions Listed Above including the remittance of 10% of Sales?

Come, let’s turn up in an incredible style.

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